Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Carter Bunny

I know I should be embarassed. But...i don't embarass easily.

When Carter and I went to Target today I saw bunny ears. I want to say I walked passed them...I want to say I realized that putting bunny ears on a boy is just wrong wrong wrong...I want to say that I had the will power...


He wasn't happy about these ears what-so-ever. He ripped them off multiple times. I literally put these ears back on his head 10 times to get an ok photo on my phone to send to Chad. And Chad just sighed. He has to know that I am bunny crazy. And Easter time is a dangerous time to leave me alone with Carter.

It is taking ALL of my willpower to not dress him like a bunny. I want to SO bad.

Monday, March 30, 2009

The Ever Lasting Winter

I wonder if Carter just thinks that there is one season ... and it's called cold. He was born in August - but can't possibly remember warm weather.

Now that he has found the window he is very interested as to what is outside of it - we spend a lot of time each day looking at the window, out the window, hitting the window, etc.
I am freakishly excited (and somewhat nervous) to see his reaction to playing outside. I get the feeling we may have an outdoor maniac on our hands.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Dinner time at our house has taken a turn for the messy side. Carter is so interested in what we're putting in his mouth - that he tends to put his fingers in his mouth to feel it, squish it around and even sometimes grabs the spoon from us and smashes the food into his highchair tray. He LOVES a mess.

And really - what harm is it for him to get a little messy here and there? He has a bath shortly after dinner anyways.

Friday, March 27, 2009

The great great Uncle Lee

Last week Chad's great uncle LeRoy died. He was a very very cool guy. My favorite Lee story was from the day I met him. Chad and I were dating at the time and Chad brought me to his family's Easter dinner. I had not met most of the relatives there yet - so I felt a little shy.

Uncle Lee sat down next to me at the dinner table and started talking to me. I asked where he lived and he said, "I live in a nursing home, but it's ok with me because nursing home chicks are easy."

From that day forward - Uncle Lee was pretty awesome in my book.

I took this picture on the way to the cemetary. Right after I took the picture - I sent it to Chad and he responded, "Who's kid is that?!"

We're sad that Carter never had the chance to meet uncle Lee. But we know he would have liked him - a whole lot.

It takes a village

If it seems like all I blog about lately is Carter's sleep - it's because all I seem to think about lately is Carter's sleep. Will he sleep, won't he sleep, why will he, why won't he, what do we need to try, what have we tried, what's next, is there something wrong, is it us, is it him, you name it...we have asked it.

I have been trying tactics from a book called "Healthy Sleep Habits, Happy Child." Friends of ours (thank you Craig and Kathleen) said that this book was helpful. And it seems to be so far. And as you can see - I am also keeping a sleep and eating log. That way when I bring Carter to the doctor in April and cry my eyes out about how he still won't sleep - I will have documented proof.

We also bumped up his bedtime some (thank you Wendy) since I guess babies get overly tired and then can't sleep. Who knew?

Another tactic we're trying (which I was a freak about at first) is - letting him sleep with his blankie. He has a green blanket that he LOVES (thank you great grandma Mee). I have been following the American Academy of Pediatrics recommendations on babies and blankets in cribs (they state that infants cannot have blankets or toys in cribs while they sleep until they can roll, sit up and grab things with their hands). But - he is officially allowed to have a blanket at night now. So the blanket went in and he cuddled with it all night.

Other Misc tactics: Our happy faces are still up on the wall, we have the baby aquarium running in full force and we use lavender baby massage gel at night to help calm him down.

Now - I am not saying he's sleeping through the night. BUT he is sleeping more throughout the night. Which is a huge step for us. Thank you to everyone for helping us with this. Some of you have heard about Carter's sleep for months now and calmly still listen to me rant about it. We have friends that have given very helpful advice, have offered to watch Carter so we can get sleep, have brought us beer when we are pulling our hair out, still love us when we look like crap from not sleeping, you name it.

Thank you to everyone. Now, just remember how much you loved us and Carter when he's 16 and just smashed your mailbox off it's stand with a baseball bat.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Moving on out...

Well, we sold our home. I guess technically, it's "pending" since we have made it through the first inspection - but the second hasn't taken place yet (and that one is the hard one I guess). But whatever...I want to commission a sky writer to write it all over the sky that we sold our home.

Not because we hated our house or because we wanted to leave that bad - but because every Realtor we talked to said we should lower our price, expect long waits on the market - and some even said we should renovate our house - but still accept less money. Nope - 11 days on the market and it went pending - and at asking price. So shove it realtors!

We're actually moving because of Chad's long commute. He drives to Canton (near Akron) every single day. Which is a little over an hour in the car ... each way.

Now, I would like to tell you that we have another home lined up. But...we do not. We had a home lined up - but the company that owns the house (a relocation company) refuses to negotiate with us because our closing date is too far out still (they will only accept a 30 day close) and in their minds...buyers are falling out of the sky...all with 30 day closes in mind.

So, the saga continues...

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Someone fell off the wagon (not literally - just in terms of sleep)

We're back on the no-sleep routine. Carter gave us a little glimmer of hope that he would actually learn to sleep through the night. And then he slowly ripped our souls out through our noses...one sleepless night at a time.

For a few nights - he only woke up twice a night for a quick binky replacement. But he is now back to his regular bedtime freakout and then waking up all through the night.

If he had his way - he would go to bed every single night cuddled into one of us. And if he had his way - he would spend every day naked pooping on our carpeting, eating only pears and applesauce (with his hands) while pounding on Layla's head with one hand and pulling electronics off shelves with the other. So...you can see why we can't just let him have his way.
The really strange part about all of this (non-sleep stuff) is that he sleeps like a champ for naps. I put him in his crib, he babbles to himself and plays with his crib toys for about ten minutes and then boom...he's asleep.

Needless to say - I called the Doctor again today to beg for any bit of advice that he may have been holding out on me before (in the 500 times that I had asked the same question). I have tried every sleep training method, every piece of advice from family, friends, doctors, books, random internet people, ANYONE. And nothing is working. We have been trying to sleep train him for months now. M-O-N-T-H-S

The doctor said, "Wow - you have a fighter on your hands!" So needless to say - we have our work cut out for us. We are now trying some far reaching/last resort (before we go nuts) tips.

Last resort tip 1: Put pictures of us on the wall. So that when Carter wakes up and wonders where we are - there are the freaky 1-D mommy and daddys staring at him. I can't make this stuff up - the doctor actually recommended this.

Last resort tip 2: An aquarium. Carter likes his crib music toys - but the musical ones only play music for about 2 minutes. The aquarium has fishies floating around while music (or water sounds) play for (what seems like) forever. And then the fish stop and the music and lights slowly fade out.

Yup - there are our smiley faces....freakishly staring down at Carter. I am contimplating adding word bubbles...that change weekly. If there were current word bubbles right now...mine could say, "remember these pictures Carter so that you can explain your parental paranoia to your therapist someday."

Daddy teaches some of life's important lessons

While sitting in our basement (staying out of the way) during our home inspection...I noticed that Chad seems to teach Carter much different things than I would.

Lesson 1: Foosball is an important part of a male's life.

Lesson 2: OSU is an important part of a male's life in this family.
Mommy disagrees...but I am outnumbered in this house. I am surrounded by males (one of which is actually named Brutus the Buckeye) and one wimpy female doggy that is scared of wind...and rain...and noises...and well you name it.

Thursday, March 19, 2009


Really Babys R Us? This is really 12 month sized? Come on. COME ON. My kid's feet don't even go in past the ankle section because it's too tight. And I won't start on how tight the midsection is. REALLY BABYS R US? Why do you have to make kids feel fat?

This is SO being returned.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Walky McWalkerson

We're dangerously close to him walking without help I think.

Our little Bulldog

There is a new Carter-ism that has appeared in the last week or two. When he gets really into playtime or spider-Carter (a daddy game) he sticks his bottom jaw out like a bulldog. We're not sure why. But there is also some grunting involved.

I have been trying to catch it with the camera...but I am always seconds short. This is as close as I have gotten so far.

We're walkin' (well, I am at least)

It has been so nice out lately that Carter and I have been walking all over Lakewood. Plus - we're appreciating Lakewood while we're still living here (more news to come on that shortly).
We walked past the metro parks, we walked well...around the block a bunch of times, we walked to music class...we're walkin' machines this week.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Making Carter proud since 2008

Tidbits from an actual conversation at our house last night:

Me: The news just had a segment on blue herrons nesting in the metro parks - maybe that's why all of those people were pulled over watching the trees when we drove through the other day
Chad: people pull over to watch birds nest?
Me: I guess
Chad: How fun could that be?
Me: And how long would it take?
Chad: Look honey - a blue herron is flying in with twigs in it's mouth
Me: Aww..and now it's weaving the twigs together with grass to build a nest
Chad: And now it's flying away to go get more twigs - wonder how long before it comes back
Me: What a boring process to watch
Chad: Maybe it would be better with beer
Me: So, we'd be sitting in our car..pulled off to the side of the metro parks, drinking and watching birds build nests?
Chad: Yea - that sounds awful
Me: But you would watch it, and maybe even DVR it, if it were on planet earth on tv
Chad: Well then it would be in HD
Me: So it would be clear enough that you felt like you were there?
Chad: Exactly
Me: So we wouldn't watch it in person - but we would watch it on tv..in HD so it felt like we were there
Chad: But we could do it from our couch...while drinking beer
Me: Makes sense

Friday, March 13, 2009

Scooty McScooterson

Carter is pretty determined to crawl. Right now it's sort of an army crawl meets dragging of the legs. But if he wants something - he's GONNA get to it one way or another.


Poor Layla. Between Layla and the remote control - I am not sure which Carter wants more. Carter is learning to crawl because he wants the tv remote and the dog. And Layla just puts up with whatever Carter has for her.
There has been a lot of ear pulling, eye poking, tail yanking, you name it. And Layla just sort of lays there taking it. I can only tell a 7 month old "gentle" so many times before realizing that he's not listening and doesn't care.

So, all I have to say about this is, "Sorry Layla, guess you shouldn't have munched down on my makeup when Chad and I first moved in together. Karma's a bitch."

Thursday, March 12, 2009

Pooh's stash

We found some lost binkies today. I have been wondering where they go when they disappear. And when a binkie is needed..trust me when I say - it's a borderline emergency.

So today (during a mini-meltdown) I went on a binky search. And lookie what I found behind the crib (ignore the dust bunnies..I cleaned those up too).


Carter has added the word "DaDa" to his baby babble vocabulary.

He doesn't seem to know what it means just yet. But whenever Chad gets home, walks into a room, or calls I say "DaDa!" and he gets excited and smiles really big. So at least he knows he likes the word.

He also has been trying to say something that starts with a "Ba" sound. I haven't identified what that may be just yet. But he's pretty into his books...so i'm hopeful that it has something to do with his books...and not butt or boob or anything else you don't want your child screaming as you walk through Target.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Last Straw

Dear Carter,

I have begged you, I have pleaded with you, I have bribed you...now I am threatening you. If you do not start to sleep at night - I will stock pile all of the embarassing photos of you that I can. And EVERY single time you go on a date, I will bring out the embarassing photos.

Furthermore, I will go into lengthy details about how cute your 'little winkie' was...and I promise to embarass the crap out of you in front of each and every single date. Do you understand me?

Mommy loves you - but is just not above threats.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Good Doggy

Poor Layla is so out of luck when Carter starts to crawl. He has already learned to scoot and is crazy about getting to Layla.

Monday, March 9, 2009

Carter Court

In the court of Carter - everyone is guilty until proven innocent. Pooh was accused of binky theft ...and thus was held in a court of his peers.

Judge Carter thinks that Pooh's "It wasn't me - it was catherine cow" excuse was pathetic. He isn't havin' the bro's before ho's crap in his court.

Pooh has been put next to the diaper genie for punishment. He will be allowed to return to the rest of the nursery tomorrow. We'll see if he steals binkies anymore.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Baby Gym

We have been trying to decide if we want to join a baby gym for the last few cold months. Just to get some extra fun and exercise time for Carter.

So we checked out two places this weekend. The first place had a lot of potential - and we may do a trial run with them.

The second was not as fun (we did our trial run). Plus, they made us wear name tags (Carter had to wear one too). Which, just seems goofy to me. "Hello - my name is stop talking to me...i'm playing"

We did have fun though. Carter liked the toys - and always enjoys blankly staring at other babies.

He played and played and played.

And then crashed out in his car seat.

And now he has a cold. Which just supports my theory that I should disinfect EVERYTHING that he touches. I must have missed a toy.

There may just be someone that loves the iphone more than Trad

We learned last weekend that Carter LOVES iphones. Partically because he loves any electronic device that anyone is holding, but also because he loves tvs. And the iphone seems to touch on both of those categories.

So, to sum it up - thanks a ton trad and michael...it looks like we may have to buy our 7 month old an iphone. What do you plan to introduce him to next? A bentley?

Friday, March 6, 2009

Hey, I put my new shoes on and suddenly everything's alright

We had to go out and buy Carter some new shoes this week. His feet are so ridiculously chubby that he doesn't fit into any of his baby shoes.

We actually had to leave the baby section in Target and go to the shoe section where we learned that he's in 18 month sized shoes and he's 7 months old!

But seriously...how freaking cute is this mini shoe box?!

Aren't baby shoes the cutest thing ever? Could baby shoes actually bring about world peace? Maybe if we sent everyone at war a pair of baby shoes to stare at everyday - they would be so overwelmed with cuteness that they would voluntarily stop fighting.

Geek Squad to the rescue...

We're back up and running! I tried the best buy geek squad for the first time and they were great! Thank You geek squad... I was starting to feel lost and depressed without my laptop.
For some reason, when my computer is down ... all electronic devices cease to exist to me. So I have limited pictures from the last week as well...not sure why I was not capable of using my camera.
A few Carter updates:
1.) He army crawled from one side of the carpet in the living room to the other side. And all for a tv remote control. Not to one of the hundreds of toys we have for him...to the tv remote.
2.) He babbled the word "Dada." But then followed it up with "aboo-blahhh-baa-booo-ahhh-goooo" and some drool.
3.) He sat in a shopping cart for the first time.
4.) He sat at the table at breakfast (at a restaurant) in the restaurants high chair for the first time.
(#'s 3 and 4 are due to the fact that he's ridiculously heavy now - so we have switched him to his "big boy" car seat and he can't ride in his car seat into stores and restaurants anymore)

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

The Dell disaster

My computer quit working. It's a nice new(ish) dell laptop. And it just shut down one night and never turned back on. So I am blogless this week (until the geek squad fixes it).

I am attempting to use Chad's old (ridiculously slow) computer right now to just get a little bit of a blogging fix before I start to shake. I don't think I have any pictures to post either. I'll see what is on Chad's computer...but even that thought makes me nervous.

So, the photo options on his computer were either the kentucky derby from a million years ago, or St Pattys Day from a million years ago. So here it is...Chad and Wang from St pattys day a million years ago. Wang - you betta' appreciate that I didn't post the wig pictures.