Friday, February 27, 2009

State of the Sleep Address

We have been trying all of the instructions for better-sleeping from the Dr for the past two weeks...and we actually see an improvement. He still fights naps and bedtime...but he's not waking up so many times at night anymore.

And he is starting to get used to his crib for naps too. So, perhaps something is going right in his sleep world?
We did add some toys to his crib though (baby crib-safe toys). And we hear him pounding on them and playing with them when we're not in there. So, I guess attention from mommy and daddy is easily replaced by funny noises from crib toys.
We tend to find him in weird positions now too. My guess is, he plays with all of the toys until he falls asleep ... in whatever position he happens to be in at the time.
I am slowly starting to let him have a blanket when he naps too (but only when I can constantly check on him). The nurse at our doctors office said he was old enough to have a blanket when he sleeps ... but she hasn't witnessed just how fast everything goes in his mouth. So we're proceeding - with much caution.

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