Monday, February 16, 2009


Carter and I took a roadtrip up to see Grandma and Grandpa Jones this past weekend. Chad was on a business trip to Dallas - so we decided to roadtrip it together (Carter and I). He was better in the car than I had hoped he would be. Honestly - can you expect a 6 month old to be perfect in the car for 5 straight hours? I think he was pretty sick of his car seat by the end of our trip back to Ohio (not that this picture shows this ... he seems to just smile when the camera comes out lately).

He had so much fun at grandma and grandpas. Toys kept appearing from nowhere, everyone read to him, played with him, fed him, played with him, played with him and played with him. It was baby heaven.

And what is a trip to grandma and grandpas without them turning the baby somewhat hippy?

Carter also got to go up to see great grandma Mee and great uncle Tom and great aunt Gretty. He's quite the little traveler this month.

He loved the trip. He smiled, laughed and giggled for everyone the whole time. We will have to do the whole trip again very soon.

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