Tuesday, February 24, 2009


I am currently on the fence about putting ads on this blog.

Google will place the ads...not me. But I have no say as to what ads can go on and how long they are up. I also would have to start to edit my content. I can't ramble about poop and beer (well, brand specific beer) anymore. And when I refer to selling the cat on ebay and having my nails done while Carter chills in his johnny jump up - PETA and Child social services will be pounding down my door.

Not to mention - when you pull up my blog, do you want to see an ad for some weird ointment that you pretend you would never use?

So you can see the cons of this situation.

The pros - money money money. I can't imagine that you can make a lucrative living off of ad placement on your blog - but it would more than likely be enough to buy Chad and my non-brand specific beer. And what is wrong with using your family blog to make money for alcohol?

But in all seriousness...is this something to ponder - or should I just do it and stop obsessing about this day and night?

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