Monday, February 23, 2009

Friends, Babies and well...Booze

Aunt Gretchie came to town this past weekend. She hasn't seen Carter since he was a few weeks old. Imagine her surprise to find our almost-crawling, 12 month sized, full mouth of teeth little man.

We used to sit in Geoff and Regina's living room and drink just before we planned to go out and party - and look at what her living room looks like now. Babies babies babies. Although - I do have to point out the beer can on the end table ... we're growing up - we're not nuns.

Gretchen actually came to meet little Jillian (also known as Carter's future girlfriend). Jillian is the cutest little girl EVER. And has already successfully wrapped Chad around her tiny little baby fingers. I can already picture Chad playing tea party with's gonna happen.

Here is Jillian sleeping on her mommy. She's almost 4 weeks in this picture.

Gretchen got to hang out with both babies and both mommies (and both mommies got to get out while both daddies watched the babies).

Carter showed Gretchen how he eats like a ...umm...gentlemen..

And naps like a crazy person.

And now I keep telling Carter that Gretchen will only come back if he learns to sleep at night. Who's that lie hurting?

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