Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ferberizing the child

Let me just start by saying - I am anti 'cry-it-out' method. I think that when babies cry - it's because they want something or need something. Even if what they need is just a hug - i'm ok with that. I have always had the mind set that if I don't go running to him when he cries, he will learn that "mommy is not always here for you, so welcome to a cruel cruel world buddy" and become a non-trusting angry child. And the last thing we need is another non-trusting angry person running around in this world. So ... i'm just doing my part world ... hear me?

HOWEVER, when your child is 6 months old and still needs you to come in and rock him back to sleep 3-4 times a night, he's just using you. Or so says my doctor.

Basically, my doctor informed me that my little angel has learned that I am his bitch (he used another more PC term). And when he wants attention, hugs, anything ... he knows that he can cry any time of day or night and mommy will come running like pavlovs drolling dog.

So last night was our first night of Ferberizing Carter. We had to put him in his crib when he was still awake and then help him slowly fall asleep by singing to him and reading to him and binky-ing him. And then we had to leave the room and let him try to fall asleep on his own. After about an hour and a half of us going back into his room every 5 minutes to re-soothe him and re-binky him - he fell asleep.

So we thought, not too bad!

Then starting at 3am - the rest of our night went like this:

3am - Carter starts babbling to himself. It's play play time ... who will come play with me?
3:15 am - He starts to play with his crib toy (not to worry - it's attached to the side so he can't try to eat it)
3:20 am - Carter is getting mad ...nobody is coming in to check on him...and he's awake..what's up with that?
3:30 am- Carter starts to slam his toy against the crib rails and stomp his feet against the mattress while making weird moaning/crying noises
3:45 am - Full loud cries start and mommy goes in and puts a binky in his mouth and pats him gently on his head ...and then walks back out (although - this whole time i was hiding in the hallway where he couldn't see me)
3:50 am- more crying - daddy goes in - and daddy's not taking ANY crap.
3:55 am - one more binky
4:00 am - more toy slamming
4:05 am - more slow moaning
4:10 am - the toy slamming gets less frequent
4:15 am - it's quiet in the nursery

And this method works? It took us over an hour to get him back to sleep!

Screw you Ferber

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Lonnie said...

I'd kick Ferbers a$$ if I were you guys. Dumb@$$ Old Ferber anyway!