Monday, February 23, 2009

Dear Carter,

Dear Carter,

G O T O S L E E P. Mommy and Daddy love you very much, but we would love it if you would sleep. Don't scream at us at every nap time. Don't scream and pound your fist at night. Just go to sleep like every other human in the world. And we understand if you have to get up and have 1-2 meltdowns at night - you're little and don't quite understand the sleeping-by-yourself in a crib concept ... but your meltdowns have a time limit. One hour is too long.

Your days of sleeping in mommy and daddy's bed are DONE. You cannot throw a fit and get your way (unless it's thursday or friday and mommy and daddy are just so tired that we may let you sleep across our faces with a poppy diaper if it made you stop crying).

You have been warned. If this crying all the time bit continues...i'm gonna tell on you. And your pediatrician doesn't put up with baby sleep crap. He will whip out the strict Ferber rules on your cute little diapered butt.

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