Monday, February 23, 2009

Back to the rainforest

Back to the rainforest for us. There are really a limited number of things to do in Cleveland in the winter. Plus - can you ever get enough of monkeys?

Carter was disappointed to see that the monkeys were more sleepy at this visit ... although - the two nasty and dirty little monkeys still seemed to be doing things we won't talk about. But the rest of them were sleeping. Oh well - sleeping monkeys are still fun to look at.

Chad and Carter watched the orangutans for awhile ... and I think the orangutans watched them too. Don't mind the trails of pee and poo in this picture. You really can't take pictures at the rainforest without having this in there somewhere.

This visit was different too because Carter was no longer scared of the underwater creatures. He couldn't get enough of the sea turtles and fishies.

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