Wednesday, February 4, 2009

6 Months Old

Carter is 6 months old today. Yay! We have left the infant stage and entered into the holding-his-own-head up, understanding cause and effect, and wanting to be everywhere and eat everything stage.

I brought him to the Cleveland Zoo today to visit the indoor rainforest. His playdate buddies went too and we had quite an exciting trip. The boys seemed to enjoy everything.

Here is their stroller posse:

They LOVED watching the monkeys. And oddly enough the monkeys seemed to enjoy watching them. All except the dirty dirty monkeys in the corner that were doing things we won't discuss. Bad monkeys.

Carter was so happy with the rainforest ... he managed to avoid ALL of his naps today. Wonder what this will do to his sleep tonight. Especially after his 3:30am bedtime last night.

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