Friday, February 27, 2009

State of the Sleep Address

We have been trying all of the instructions for better-sleeping from the Dr for the past two weeks...and we actually see an improvement. He still fights naps and bedtime...but he's not waking up so many times at night anymore.

And he is starting to get used to his crib for naps too. So, perhaps something is going right in his sleep world?
We did add some toys to his crib though (baby crib-safe toys). And we hear him pounding on them and playing with them when we're not in there. So, I guess attention from mommy and daddy is easily replaced by funny noises from crib toys.
We tend to find him in weird positions now too. My guess is, he plays with all of the toys until he falls asleep ... in whatever position he happens to be in at the time.
I am slowly starting to let him have a blanket when he naps too (but only when I can constantly check on him). The nurse at our doctors office said he was old enough to have a blanket when he sleeps ... but she hasn't witnessed just how fast everything goes in his mouth. So we're proceeding - with much caution.

New Games

We have found new ways to make playtime more fun and interesting for Carter. Now that he can move around slightly..he gets bored FAST (much like his daddy).

Chad bought him squeezey blocks yesterday. So now we stack them, he smashes them down and then screams in delight...and then the blocks all end up in his mouth (one at a time).

I have learned to make some pretty cool pillow forts, that he plays in and seems to fall asleep in too.

Another use for pillows - horsey! This is one of Carter's favorite new games. We bounce the pillow and he clings to it like a funny monkey.

All in all, new games = happy baby.
On a side note - doesn't he look so innocent in this picture?

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Where's my baby?

Where did my tiny toothless baby go? Who's this kid and where did all of these teeth come from?

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Happy Fat Tuesday

Giving a 6 month old a necklace made of beads ... what could go wrong?


I am currently on the fence about putting ads on this blog.

Google will place the ads...not me. But I have no say as to what ads can go on and how long they are up. I also would have to start to edit my content. I can't ramble about poop and beer (well, brand specific beer) anymore. And when I refer to selling the cat on ebay and having my nails done while Carter chills in his johnny jump up - PETA and Child social services will be pounding down my door.

Not to mention - when you pull up my blog, do you want to see an ad for some weird ointment that you pretend you would never use?

So you can see the cons of this situation.

The pros - money money money. I can't imagine that you can make a lucrative living off of ad placement on your blog - but it would more than likely be enough to buy Chad and my non-brand specific beer. And what is wrong with using your family blog to make money for alcohol?

But in all this something to ponder - or should I just do it and stop obsessing about this day and night?

Monday, February 23, 2009

Back to the rainforest

Back to the rainforest for us. There are really a limited number of things to do in Cleveland in the winter. Plus - can you ever get enough of monkeys?

Carter was disappointed to see that the monkeys were more sleepy at this visit ... although - the two nasty and dirty little monkeys still seemed to be doing things we won't talk about. But the rest of them were sleeping. Oh well - sleeping monkeys are still fun to look at.

Chad and Carter watched the orangutans for awhile ... and I think the orangutans watched them too. Don't mind the trails of pee and poo in this picture. You really can't take pictures at the rainforest without having this in there somewhere.

This visit was different too because Carter was no longer scared of the underwater creatures. He couldn't get enough of the sea turtles and fishies.

Friends, Babies and well...Booze

Aunt Gretchie came to town this past weekend. She hasn't seen Carter since he was a few weeks old. Imagine her surprise to find our almost-crawling, 12 month sized, full mouth of teeth little man.

We used to sit in Geoff and Regina's living room and drink just before we planned to go out and party - and look at what her living room looks like now. Babies babies babies. Although - I do have to point out the beer can on the end table ... we're growing up - we're not nuns.

Gretchen actually came to meet little Jillian (also known as Carter's future girlfriend). Jillian is the cutest little girl EVER. And has already successfully wrapped Chad around her tiny little baby fingers. I can already picture Chad playing tea party with's gonna happen.

Here is Jillian sleeping on her mommy. She's almost 4 weeks in this picture.

Gretchen got to hang out with both babies and both mommies (and both mommies got to get out while both daddies watched the babies).

Carter showed Gretchen how he eats like a ...umm...gentlemen..

And naps like a crazy person.

And now I keep telling Carter that Gretchen will only come back if he learns to sleep at night. Who's that lie hurting?

Dear Carter,

Dear Carter,

G O T O S L E E P. Mommy and Daddy love you very much, but we would love it if you would sleep. Don't scream at us at every nap time. Don't scream and pound your fist at night. Just go to sleep like every other human in the world. And we understand if you have to get up and have 1-2 meltdowns at night - you're little and don't quite understand the sleeping-by-yourself in a crib concept ... but your meltdowns have a time limit. One hour is too long.

Your days of sleeping in mommy and daddy's bed are DONE. You cannot throw a fit and get your way (unless it's thursday or friday and mommy and daddy are just so tired that we may let you sleep across our faces with a poppy diaper if it made you stop crying).

You have been warned. If this crying all the time bit continues...i'm gonna tell on you. And your pediatrician doesn't put up with baby sleep crap. He will whip out the strict Ferber rules on your cute little diapered butt.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Experiencing some problems...

For those of you that keep getting a one blog entry screen or a blank screen (i guess you wouldn't be reading this if your screen turned blank) I am very sorry. I am trying to figure out what is wrong with blogger. I guess it's just some temporary problem.

Gotfam will return to the regularily scheduled posts shortly ... hopefully today.

Monday, February 16, 2009


Carter and I took a roadtrip up to see Grandma and Grandpa Jones this past weekend. Chad was on a business trip to Dallas - so we decided to roadtrip it together (Carter and I). He was better in the car than I had hoped he would be. Honestly - can you expect a 6 month old to be perfect in the car for 5 straight hours? I think he was pretty sick of his car seat by the end of our trip back to Ohio (not that this picture shows this ... he seems to just smile when the camera comes out lately).

He had so much fun at grandma and grandpas. Toys kept appearing from nowhere, everyone read to him, played with him, fed him, played with him, played with him and played with him. It was baby heaven.

And what is a trip to grandma and grandpas without them turning the baby somewhat hippy?

Carter also got to go up to see great grandma Mee and great uncle Tom and great aunt Gretty. He's quite the little traveler this month.

He loved the trip. He smiled, laughed and giggled for everyone the whole time. We will have to do the whole trip again very soon.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Laughy Man

The swing is now as funny as the dog I guess. Sorry Layla - no offense.

I'm sorry Ferber

Carter slept last night. As in, slept through the whole night without crying once!

Dare I think that the sleep training worked already? Or is the universe just giving us a little slack so we keep up the sleep training?

Next we will have to sleep train me. I was so nervous that I split my time between checking the baby monitor to see if it was still working and running to his room to see if he was ok.

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Ferberizing the child

Let me just start by saying - I am anti 'cry-it-out' method. I think that when babies cry - it's because they want something or need something. Even if what they need is just a hug - i'm ok with that. I have always had the mind set that if I don't go running to him when he cries, he will learn that "mommy is not always here for you, so welcome to a cruel cruel world buddy" and become a non-trusting angry child. And the last thing we need is another non-trusting angry person running around in this world. So ... i'm just doing my part world ... hear me?

HOWEVER, when your child is 6 months old and still needs you to come in and rock him back to sleep 3-4 times a night, he's just using you. Or so says my doctor.

Basically, my doctor informed me that my little angel has learned that I am his bitch (he used another more PC term). And when he wants attention, hugs, anything ... he knows that he can cry any time of day or night and mommy will come running like pavlovs drolling dog.

So last night was our first night of Ferberizing Carter. We had to put him in his crib when he was still awake and then help him slowly fall asleep by singing to him and reading to him and binky-ing him. And then we had to leave the room and let him try to fall asleep on his own. After about an hour and a half of us going back into his room every 5 minutes to re-soothe him and re-binky him - he fell asleep.

So we thought, not too bad!

Then starting at 3am - the rest of our night went like this:

3am - Carter starts babbling to himself. It's play play time ... who will come play with me?
3:15 am - He starts to play with his crib toy (not to worry - it's attached to the side so he can't try to eat it)
3:20 am - Carter is getting mad ...nobody is coming in to check on him...and he's awake..what's up with that?
3:30 am- Carter starts to slam his toy against the crib rails and stomp his feet against the mattress while making weird moaning/crying noises
3:45 am - Full loud cries start and mommy goes in and puts a binky in his mouth and pats him gently on his head ...and then walks back out (although - this whole time i was hiding in the hallway where he couldn't see me)
3:50 am- more crying - daddy goes in - and daddy's not taking ANY crap.
3:55 am - one more binky
4:00 am - more toy slamming
4:05 am - more slow moaning
4:10 am - the toy slamming gets less frequent
4:15 am - it's quiet in the nursery

And this method works? It took us over an hour to get him back to sleep!

Screw you Ferber

Monday, February 9, 2009

Let the baby proofing begin ...

Carter had his 6 month doctor visit today. We learned a few things:

1.) He shot up in height again - and is again in the 97th percentile for height (for his age).

2.) 6 month appointments mean shots ... and shots mean funny bandaids

3.) Shots are suppose to equal sleepy/cranky baby ...but seem to work like speed for our kid. He turned into a tazmanian devil tonight.

4.) Babies with energy are funny to play with. Everything equals laughs.

Another big happening for today - Carter scooted for the first time! Right across a blanket. And in the right direction this time. The doctor warned me that we would have to baby proof soon, but by "soon" I didn't think he was implying tonight.

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

6 Months Old

Carter is 6 months old today. Yay! We have left the infant stage and entered into the holding-his-own-head up, understanding cause and effect, and wanting to be everywhere and eat everything stage.

I brought him to the Cleveland Zoo today to visit the indoor rainforest. His playdate buddies went too and we had quite an exciting trip. The boys seemed to enjoy everything.

Here is their stroller posse:

They LOVED watching the monkeys. And oddly enough the monkeys seemed to enjoy watching them. All except the dirty dirty monkeys in the corner that were doing things we won't discuss. Bad monkeys.

Carter was so happy with the rainforest ... he managed to avoid ALL of his naps today. Wonder what this will do to his sleep tonight. Especially after his 3:30am bedtime last night.

Monday, February 2, 2009

Browns won the superbowl!

We told Carter that the Browns were playing in (and won) the superbowl yesterday. Don't judge me - he won't remember this game ... and had no idea what was going on. And really, who better to think the Browns were capable of making it to the superbowl than a 6 month old?

He was so into all of the game excitment that he refused his second daily nap and then ended up passing out sitting up with Michael (I passed out too ... but for other reasons).

Sunday, February 1, 2009

What we do when the baby sleeps ...

Sometimes when Carter is waking up from a nap - we notice that he has one eye slightly open ... like he's checking out the fun potential in the room and deciding whether or not he should wake up or go back to bed. And he won't fully wake up unless it looks like we're doing something fun.

And we have noticed that he cries a lot when he has to take a nap or go to bed when it seems like something fun is going on. What does he think he's going to miss by going to bed?

So I wonder - does he think we play with his toys and frolic around when he sleeps?

Here is what I think he's looking for:

Carter, you just wait until you have a big wheels ... mommy and daddy won't hesitate to play on that when you nap.