Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Wrath of an angry stay at home mom

Well, Chad and I found our dream home. And the only thing standing in our way of being in it right now ... a moron realtor. We actually found it in October and wanted to put a bid in on it - but the realtor told us it was under contract. So we pissed and moaned about it for a week or two. And then last night I saw the same house on a real estate website.

Here - it had been relisted in December and the realtor never called us to let us bid on it. Now, does she think I have anything better to do than make her life a living hell for standing in my way of my dream home? I'm a stay at home mom...I HAVE NOTHING BETTER TO DO LADY.

Any suggestions on how to get us into this home are welcome. In fact, if you just want the realtors phone number to call her and annoy her - feel free to ask for that too.


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