Monday, January 26, 2009

Week 25

Technically (if you go by weeks) Carter is 6 months old. But since he was born August 4th - and we're suppose to go by months ... he's not quite 6 months yet. Regardless, he is large and in charge.
He now rolls, both ways. We have only actually witnessed him rolling from his stomach to his back. But we have seen the results of him rolling from his back to his stomach now. We keep finding him laying on his stomach in the mornings with one leg and one arm hanging out of his crib ... yet fully asleep.

Last night it took both of us to wedge his chubby little baby leg back through the crib rails.

Also this month, he learned that faces are fun to look at AND play with. When you talk to him now ... he grabs for (and then manhandles) your face. It's somewhat cute ... yet somewhat weird.

He also learned that mommy and daddy make great jungle gyms.

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