Thursday, January 29, 2009

Snot Snot Everywhere

Carter has another cold. ANOTHER COLD.

I want to get frustrated that he gets sick a lot ... but it's 100% my fault. I have zero immune system. Seriously, a plane could fly over at 10,000 feet - and if someone in that plane had a cold ... I would get it. And then I would proceeded to give it to my poor unsuspecting baby.

So I have been spending my evenings rocking Carter and propping his head up just enough to drain snot appropriately ... but not so much to make him uncomfortable or rolly. It's a fine art - this baby propping.

I won't even touch on how unpleasant it is to get snot out of a baby's nose. Whoever invented those bulb syringe things that “suck snot out” should have to be forced to use them daily …on their own nose – just to see how ineffectively they really are.

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