Wednesday, January 14, 2009

If there's a mommy hell...

If in fact there is a special place in hell for bad mommies (you know, where they put Joan Crawford...and where britney spears will go) then I may be heading there. Unless I can redeem myself with other good-mommy deeds.

Carter has been crabby for DAYS. He isn't so much crying all of the time ... but he is letting out these slow, long moans. The type that makes your sanity slowly slip away ... bit by bit. To the point that I was so frustrated that I actually told him to "suck it." Yup - bad mommy.

As it turns out, he has another tooth coming in and has another ear infection. Say it with me, "Poor little guy." Or, "BAD MOMMY - poor little guy." So he has medication now and plenty of teething toys to chew on.

Here is Carter all bundled and ready to go to the dr's office.

In other news - he crawls now. Backwards ... but it still counts. My kid doesn't have to crawl forward just because society says it's the norm. Screw you kid's gonna crawl backwards all he wants.

See - my sanity is gone. Gone

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