Friday, January 2, 2009

Happy New Years

Carter says, "Happy New Years everyone!"

We brought Carter on his first vacation this week to celebrate the new year. Trad, Michael, Chad, Carter and I all went to a beautiful cabin in Hocking Hills for New Years. It was wonderful. Totally secluded, very relaxing, and surprisingly easy with a baby.

I probably didn’t have to pack his entire nursery to come with us, but hey – now I know.
We ate fondue, homemade sushi, drank wine (and formula) and sat in front of the fire. It was great. Just the way the new year should be rung in (minus me falling asleep before midnight on new years eve ... opps).

Trad fed Carter his squishy food.

Michael and I bathed Carter in the big boy bath tub.
And Carter played and played the whole time. Mainly with his feet - but some with us too.

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