Friday, January 23, 2009

Babies first gym membership

We signed up for the local YMCA today. We didn't know that babies had to get i.d. cards too. I have to laugh that Carter's first i.d. card has a horrible sleeping/double chin picture. Poor little guy.
I appreciate that the mommy i.d. card didn't say, "mommy needs this ymca because she has saggy baby fat skin, and loves that the YMCA provides babysitting/time away from the baby."

I am not above going to the YMCA in the morning just to take a shower and put makeup on. I have no problem with not actually having used any workout machines ... what-so-ever. So if you happen to frequent the Lakewood YMCA and notice that some lady comes in, drops her kid off in the babysitting area and then just goes to the showers ... don't judge.
Also - don't judge me for joining a YMCA that has junk about "a christian environment" as it's mission statement. I HAVE SAGGY BABY FAT still - it's WAY more important than my ideals.

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