Monday, December 15, 2008

It's not easy ... eating greens

With much animosity (after smelling the jar contents) we started Carter on squished peas this weekend. I can’t say he liked them, but he didn’t hate them either. I think he just tolerates stuff we put in his mouth sometimes…and hopes the next bite is better. After 5 or so bites…he catches on that all of the bites for that particular feeding will most likely suck.

A few interesting findings from this whole ‘starting food’ process:

1.) Carter now seems to have baby nightmares. It has only happened 3-4 times now, and the timing may just be coincidence. But honestly…if squishy peas is the only thing that my child doesn’t like…is he having nightmares about them? And if so, how terrible of a parent am I that I continue to cram this thing in my kid’s mouth that he later has nightmares about?

2.) He now sleeps more soundly. Meaning, when he goes to bed, we only have to go put his pacifier in his mouth a few times throughout the night. But we don’t have to get up for late night feedings or cry sessions. And he sleeps in (GOOD BABY) until 7 or 8 am. So for a BRIEF BRIEF nanosecond the other day the thought crossed through my head, “maybe anther baby wouldn’t be so terrible.” But the first person that tells my husband this will be dead to me. Do you hear me internet?!!!!

Note: I didn't have a post appropriate photo. So, this photo just seemed like it would fit any occasion

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