Saturday, December 27, 2008

First overnight...and i'm blogging to keep from crying.

Tonight was Carter's first overnight babysitting experience ...
How was I suppose to leave this face without crying?

Anywho ... we did it. Because otherwise mommy was "never going to pull the trigger." And we went to great lakes brewing company and then sullivans irish pub for after dinner drinks. And the boys started posing ... i'm not sure why.

My husband pulled his "deer in the beer headlights look"

I will post later as to how the rest of the night went. We will see if my specific instructions were followed or not.


Well, Christmas has come and gone. Carter got enough presents to force Chad and I to re-think about whether or not we can stay in this house much longer. I think all of Carter's new toys require a new (read: bigger) home.

As babies do, Carter really just wanted to play with the wrapping paper.

Here is my "munchies table"

Chad carved his first turkey this year.

And Andy and Chad drank eggnog from moose mugs. How can you not have moose mugs? What would christmas even be without moose mugs? Seriously...

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Uncle Andy comes to town ...

Andy flew in today and brought with him a ton of toys for Carter. Carter is in toy heaven.

Monday, December 22, 2008

Excuses excuses ...

There are days when mommy does not get a lot done. And this is why. How much would you get done in the face of all of this cuteness? Just look at how cute he is when he hugs. He's like a little koala.

On a side note, we're finally having a month where Carter looks like me.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

In preparation for uncle Andy's arrival ...

Carter got Uncle Andy a little present for Christmas - and wrapped it in a special way ...

Good Baby ...

Friday, December 19, 2008

And to all a good night ...

Carter's room has been decorated for Christmas now (I'm slow) complete with some very special decorations.
The tree topper this year is his "book buddy" from his grandparents.

The paperlink is made of leftover paper from our baby shower, our wedding invitations and a few other special occations and projects from throughout the past few years.

This is Carter's other Christmas nightlight. It's a special Christmas decoration from his great grandma.

Needless to say - I think our little man feels very special when he dreams away at night.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Sisterhood of the traveling bumbo

Carter’s new thing is sitting up. Which sounds like no big deal to you and I … but when your head is 3 times the size of the rest of your body and you don’t really have ab or neck muscles….sitting up is quite the chore.

But it’s all he wants to do. If we lay him down, he fusses. If we stand him up, he fuses. He wants to sit sit sit (and well, chew on his feet). So Regina and Geoff loaned us a little seat that supports him (so he doesn’t roll over) and he can sit all he wants – it’s called the Bumbo seat. Regina’s sister in-law gave it to her after her son used it, and once Regina and Geoff’s daughter is born – Carter will give it back to them. So, I guess the traveling bumbo is quite the hit.

He spends a lot of time in the bumbo still trying to eat his feet.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Weebles Wobble...

Another new discovery this month: rolling

Monday, December 15, 2008


I finally caught a laugh on video.

It's not easy ... eating greens

With much animosity (after smelling the jar contents) we started Carter on squished peas this weekend. I can’t say he liked them, but he didn’t hate them either. I think he just tolerates stuff we put in his mouth sometimes…and hopes the next bite is better. After 5 or so bites…he catches on that all of the bites for that particular feeding will most likely suck.

A few interesting findings from this whole ‘starting food’ process:

1.) Carter now seems to have baby nightmares. It has only happened 3-4 times now, and the timing may just be coincidence. But honestly…if squishy peas is the only thing that my child doesn’t like…is he having nightmares about them? And if so, how terrible of a parent am I that I continue to cram this thing in my kid’s mouth that he later has nightmares about?

2.) He now sleeps more soundly. Meaning, when he goes to bed, we only have to go put his pacifier in his mouth a few times throughout the night. But we don’t have to get up for late night feedings or cry sessions. And he sleeps in (GOOD BABY) until 7 or 8 am. So for a BRIEF BRIEF nanosecond the other day the thought crossed through my head, “maybe anther baby wouldn’t be so terrible.” But the first person that tells my husband this will be dead to me. Do you hear me internet?!!!!

Note: I didn't have a post appropriate photo. So, this photo just seemed like it would fit any occasion

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Smiles Smiles Everywhere

Mushy Food Equals Happy Baby

More fun with food

The adventure in food continues ...

I'm not entirely sure what he's chewing when he eats his mush cereal, but it's super cute when it happens. He's still on week one of food and he is already opening his mouth and loving his food. Although, if we take too long getting the next bite to his mouth ... he lets us know how angry he is by screaming and pounding his hands.

On a side note - look at the straps on this highchair. It's like a cedar point ride.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

First Food

We started Carter on rice cereal yesterday. We didn't have his highchair yet (we do now) so we had to feed him in his swing (he didn't seem to mind).

The first bite was a little bit of a shock. He sort of looked at us like we'd just put something nasty in his mouth. But after he mushed it around in his mouth for awhile and realize he liked it, the rest of the feeding went pretty smoothly. By the end of the bowl of squish cereal he was opening his mouth and protesting if we took too long getting another scoop ready. Our little eater.

I will say this - I expected a mess ... but yikes. We may as well have fed him directly in his tub. Could someone please invent a highchair that transforms into a bathtub?

Thursday, December 4, 2008

4 Months Old

Dear Carter,
Today you turn 4 months old. You have now left the fire spitting, head spinning, 7th ring of hell demon stage and entered into the "cutest baby in the world" stage. You laugh and giggle and cuddle and play (and sometimes cry...but now it's mainly only because something is wrong - not because you just want to the previous few months). You are officially the coolest baby I know.

When you read this someday as a teenager, or adult, or whenever i decide it's time to tell you that I kept a log of your every move, sound and bowel movement ... just know that at 4 months old ... your horns fell off. I'm guessing they reappear sometime around 13 ... but i'll just tell myself that you will stay this cute forever. We Love You

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Santa came early...

Well, Santa had a new toy for Carter for Christmas - but i guess he couldn't wait to give it to him. That, or he was just scared to have to attempt our chimney. I don't blame him ... there has to be about 100 years of crud in there.
Here is Carter in his new toy.

And here is Carter's new winter hat. Grandma and Grandpa sent this thinking it would be too big on him and he could grow into it. It fits ... perfectly. What can I say? My kid has a huge noggin. Due to all of the brain he has in there ...

Monday, December 1, 2008

Things a 17 week old learns:

The doggy isn't so bad afterall. She's even fun to watch baby dvd's with sometimes ...

He learned to hold his bottle - although this put a damper on fighting the bottle in order to put his hands in his mouth. So, it's 50/50 now - 50% of the time he helps hold the bottle (and sometimes even holds it all by himself)... and 50% of the time he fights the bottle because it makes it hard to cram his hands in his mouth.

He learned that there is something under that wash cloth. I won't go into details on this one ... for fear that this will just fuel his "i hate mommy" fire when he's meeting with his psychologist someday.

He learned that when he wakes up -his nails have been magically trimmed ... and it isn't elves doing it afterall - it's mommy.

He learned that he can sit up (with some assistance) ...

He learned that having pooh on your head is not always a bad thing. There are times when it's just warm and comfy.

He learned that having teeth means having to brush (here is his first tooth brushing experience).