Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Well, Carter has two teeth coming in. I have to admit though – I didn’t realize this fully until this past weekend. Trad, Michael and Chris were over (shaming any education I have with their freaky smart trivial pursuit ways) and I noticed something in Carter’s mouth. Now, being a new time mommy…I just assumed he had crammed something in his mouth. Then Carter started to chew on Michael's hand (I think Michael secretly rubs baby formula on his hand before he gets here – because Carter doesn’t seem to like chewing on anyone else quite as much) and Michael noticed that Carter had teeth.

So, after we all inspected his mouth – the consensus was…teeth. Two of them.

And now that the teeth have come in more..he has officially started this lovely process of “teething.”

He drools constantly and now has to wear a bib almost all day long
He cries
He either doesn’t want to sleep – or sleeps a lot (depending on the day)
He either wants to eat constantly – or refuses the bottle (depending on his mood)
He wants to chew on anything that will make his mouth feel better (including his hands)
He’s crabby
He hurts

And we love him and hope his teeth feel better soon

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