Friday, November 21, 2008

Our little trooper

Well, Carter got sick this week. We didn't even see it coming. Sunday night he was fine and went to Trad and Michaels to hang out. Here he is showing off his cool Turkey bib with Trad.

And he got a little play play time in with Chris.

And then Monday we noticed he was really sleepy and overly snotty and snorty. So we turned on his humidifier and hoped he would feel better. Nope, by Wednesday he was completely sick and needed to go to the dr.

This is how the doctors appointment started:

Dr walks in and says, "Holy crap - isn't he like 4 months old ... why does he look like a 6 month old?"

Me: "I dunno"

Dr: "Well what seems to be the problem today?"

Carter: Sneezes and blows snot rocket

Dr: Ok then - let's get him better

Dr: Looks into Carters mouth to look at his throat

Dr: "Are those TEETH?"

Me: "Yes, and you have to believe me that they're there - because you just saw them."

Dr - to Carter: "Is there any way you could be 6 months old?"

So as it turns out - he is teething, has a cold and has an ear infection. Poor little guy.

Don't let it fool you though - he still finds more time to play

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