Sunday, November 23, 2008

If this pictue could talk:

I just found this picture. It was from 5am the morning of our scheduled C-section. We were excited/scared, my parents were excited and Chad's mom was hopped up on about 5 pots of coffee.

If this picture could talk, would it say:

Option 1:

Chrissy - "Holy crap - they're going to cut me where?"

Chad - "What's going on? Chrissy's pregnant?"

Option 2:

Chrissy - "Can we rethink this whole C section thing?" "Maybe the stork will come if we wait long enough."

Chad - "Is 5 am too early for a drink?"


Option 3:

Chrissy - "Can we stop for mcdonalds?"

Chad - "Can we stop for mcdonalds?"

If you said option 3 - then you are correct. That is what we said - out loud. However - we more than likely thought the rest.

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wang8jj said...

If this picture could talk it would say, "Chad has more chins than a chinese phonebook."