Sunday, November 30, 2008


We went to Carter's first Browns game today with Trad and Michael. We won't comment as to who won ... but we had a blast. Carter had so much fun. And we did too...

Carter thought the whole game was one big party. There was noise, pretty lights, pretty ladies who paid attention to him, and plenty of comfy places to nap.

Special thanks to uncle Trad and uncle Michael for bringing us.

Special Note:

We sincerely apologize to anyone who was in the suite with us. We couldn’t help that our kid didn’t poop for three days and then pooped at the browns game.

What we didn’t expect from this particular browns game was:

- Having to change Carter’s entire outfit when poop covered the back, pants and legs (down to his ankles)
- Having to bath Carter in the sink when we realized that poo covered his ENTIRE BODY
- Having Carter pee all over Chad after his bath – but before we got his new diaper on
- Having Chad have to put on my fleece jacket (and take off all t-shirts because they were drenched in pee)

But what can ya do? When will we be able to bring Carter to a private suite again for a Browns Party? We just hope nobody else in the suite knew about the poo-splosion

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