Sunday, November 30, 2008


We went to Carter's first Browns game today with Trad and Michael. We won't comment as to who won ... but we had a blast. Carter had so much fun. And we did too...

Carter thought the whole game was one big party. There was noise, pretty lights, pretty ladies who paid attention to him, and plenty of comfy places to nap.

Special thanks to uncle Trad and uncle Michael for bringing us.

Special Note:

We sincerely apologize to anyone who was in the suite with us. We couldn’t help that our kid didn’t poop for three days and then pooped at the browns game.

What we didn’t expect from this particular browns game was:

- Having to change Carter’s entire outfit when poop covered the back, pants and legs (down to his ankles)
- Having to bath Carter in the sink when we realized that poo covered his ENTIRE BODY
- Having Carter pee all over Chad after his bath – but before we got his new diaper on
- Having Chad have to put on my fleece jacket (and take off all t-shirts because they were drenched in pee)

But what can ya do? When will we be able to bring Carter to a private suite again for a Browns Party? We just hope nobody else in the suite knew about the poo-splosion

Saturday, November 29, 2008


We brought Carter to have professional photos taken this morning. I sincerely feel for the woman who specializes in babies. She had all of the tricks up her sleeve to make him smile, laugh, pose … in fact – I considered asking for her cell phone number so I could call her at 3am on nights when Carter turns half demon. I'd be interested to see if she had some trick for that too.

What you don't see in these photos is just how hard the woman really worked to get these pictures. When i say she had tricks ... well, just look for yourself.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Ode to my mommy on her 30th birthday

A little photo look back for mommy on her birthday:

First Thanksgiving

Well, yesterday was Carter's first thanksgiving.

He got all dressed up and went to grandmas for festivities.

He also wore a turkey bib that I planned to take pictures of to post - but he spent more time trying to cram it into his mouth than he did wearing it like a bib. So - no good pictures of that.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

If this pictue could talk:

I just found this picture. It was from 5am the morning of our scheduled C-section. We were excited/scared, my parents were excited and Chad's mom was hopped up on about 5 pots of coffee.

If this picture could talk, would it say:

Option 1:

Chrissy - "Holy crap - they're going to cut me where?"

Chad - "What's going on? Chrissy's pregnant?"

Option 2:

Chrissy - "Can we rethink this whole C section thing?" "Maybe the stork will come if we wait long enough."

Chad - "Is 5 am too early for a drink?"


Option 3:

Chrissy - "Can we stop for mcdonalds?"

Chad - "Can we stop for mcdonalds?"

If you said option 3 - then you are correct. That is what we said - out loud. However - we more than likely thought the rest.

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sick Days

Since Chad is off in New York for work - Carter and I are all bundled up staying in the house trying to get over our colds. We have spent a lot of time napping, playing, napping, eating and napping.

And he's still at the age where it's cool to nap by your mommy - he snuggles up to me ... and it's the cutest thing EVER.

Friday, November 21, 2008

Our little trooper

Well, Carter got sick this week. We didn't even see it coming. Sunday night he was fine and went to Trad and Michaels to hang out. Here he is showing off his cool Turkey bib with Trad.

And he got a little play play time in with Chris.

And then Monday we noticed he was really sleepy and overly snotty and snorty. So we turned on his humidifier and hoped he would feel better. Nope, by Wednesday he was completely sick and needed to go to the dr.

This is how the doctors appointment started:

Dr walks in and says, "Holy crap - isn't he like 4 months old ... why does he look like a 6 month old?"

Me: "I dunno"

Dr: "Well what seems to be the problem today?"

Carter: Sneezes and blows snot rocket

Dr: Ok then - let's get him better

Dr: Looks into Carters mouth to look at his throat

Dr: "Are those TEETH?"

Me: "Yes, and you have to believe me that they're there - because you just saw them."

Dr - to Carter: "Is there any way you could be 6 months old?"

So as it turns out - he is teething, has a cold and has an ear infection. Poor little guy.

Don't let it fool you though - he still finds more time to play

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

O - H ... I - O

It was just a matter of time before Chad taught Carter this. I'm screwed trying to teach him to spell Michigan.

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Yes... Yes I said Teeth

For you nay sayers that don't believe Carter has teeth so early... I have proof.
I caught him yawning - and you can see the teeth.
Here's a close up

And here is what he looks like when he's crabby teething baby

Great Grandma

Carter has a message for his Great Grandma ...

He says, "I hope you feel better soon ... I made a video for you!"

Tuesday, November 11, 2008


Well, Carter has two teeth coming in. I have to admit though – I didn’t realize this fully until this past weekend. Trad, Michael and Chris were over (shaming any education I have with their freaky smart trivial pursuit ways) and I noticed something in Carter’s mouth. Now, being a new time mommy…I just assumed he had crammed something in his mouth. Then Carter started to chew on Michael's hand (I think Michael secretly rubs baby formula on his hand before he gets here – because Carter doesn’t seem to like chewing on anyone else quite as much) and Michael noticed that Carter had teeth.

So, after we all inspected his mouth – the consensus was…teeth. Two of them.

And now that the teeth have come in more..he has officially started this lovely process of “teething.”

He drools constantly and now has to wear a bib almost all day long
He cries
He either doesn’t want to sleep – or sleeps a lot (depending on the day)
He either wants to eat constantly – or refuses the bottle (depending on his mood)
He wants to chew on anything that will make his mouth feel better (including his hands)
He’s crabby
He hurts

And we love him and hope his teeth feel better soon

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Kickin' Whale Butt since 2008

Here is Carter in his activity toy. He finds huge joy in kickin' that whale's butt. Playtime in this toy goes something like this:

1st - wind up - get legs together and in the air for a full on assult on the whale

2nd - kick the crap out of the whale

3rd - be shocked by the sudden movement of the whale...why does that thing keep coming back for more?

4th - wind up

5th - kick the whales butt AGAIN

6th - be shocked again. Die whale Die

Saturday, November 8, 2008


He is starting to get more and more vocal. It's so cute. Although, I get the feeling that if you check back in a few months ... I may say I miss his quiet days. We'll see.

Thursday, November 6, 2008

So Fricking Cute!

I know being a mom makes you think your kid is the cutest kid ever. But he's just the cutest kid ever. If he asked me to buy him a luxury sports car while wearing a cute sweater - i would find a way to get the car. And put a hat on him ... there is no end to what he could get outta me.

Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Who's In Charge?

I guess Carter is in charge around here. Or so says his shirt ... I can't disagree

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Happy 3 Month Birthday Carter

Three months ago today, we were sitting in the hospital looking at Carter for the first time. We were somewhat unsure as to what we were going to do with him after we left the hospital – but we were so happy and excited to finally meet him.

Below is a little flash back of the last three months: