Friday, October 24, 2008

Worst Parents of the Year

Two qualifying factors from this week have made Chad and I contenders for the worst parents of the year award:

Factor number one – I let Carter sleep for two hours in a urine soaked sleep sack (waking him up to change his diaper is like unleashing a creature from the 7th ring of hell – you’re much better off letting him wake up on his own and then taking care of the urine aftermath later). You have to wait until he’s fully awake to change him though– and there are three stages to Carter waking up:
1.) grunting
2.) rolling back and forth furiously
3.) rubbing his face into anything and everything

Once these stages are done – he’s awake and ready for a change.

Feel free to judge me.

Factor number two – we dropped Carter off at grandma’s house TWICE this week. Yes, twice. Having one night out on Tuesday night was like having a dose of the babysitting gateway drug. Once you have a baby sitter one night – you’re hooked…and it becomes a shameful addiction that you can’t get rid of.

We went out on Tuesday night and had dinner and drinks with Dave and Vanessa. Dave will be happy to read that I didn’t refer to him as “Gramps Dave” in this posting. After dinner, we picked up Carter (who was apparently an angel for grandma) and brought him to Dave and Vanessa’s house to shamelessly flaunt how stinking cute he is.

This is when IT happened. Dave fed Carter. Next step – A DIAPER CHANGE. You can run Dave – but you can’t hide from the poo monster. He will trap you in his web of poo one of these days.

Carter was all smiles for Vanessa - one look and he was capt. smiley pants. I think he has a crush.

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