Monday, October 20, 2008

We stared at each other tonight

Now that Carter goes to bed at night (well, at baby night … which is about 7:30-ish) Chad and I are not entirely sure what to do with ourselves. We can watch tv, or read, or be a happy married couple. But really - we end up wondering if Carter is ok and then find excuses to run upstairs and check on him.

His new bedtime routine seems to be working out really well. Although, since he thrives on routine, any little thing that throws him off his routine may as well be a major Carter catastrophe. If we don’t get his bath ready right when he’s tired, then all hell breaks loose and his head spins around while his eyes turn red (or, he just cries a lot).

His favorite book is now Hugville. It’s very cute and creative and we liked it until we read it for every bedtime and every nap (including when he would wake up randomly throughout the night). I now have it memorized. Thankfully, Michael was willing to read it to Carter for us on Saturday.

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