Friday, October 17, 2008

Proof that daddy's "foot down" plan worked:

Here is Carter sleeping in his crib - which he does now (at least until 4 or 5 am ... when he pitches a fit until we give up and let him sleep in the bed). Further proof that when Chad puts his mind to something - he really makes it work.

The Potterybarn soft sheets and baby quilted sleep sack help a ton too (special thanks to Wang for the Potterybarn giftcard. We may still not be sleeping at night if it were not for these Potterybarn kids purchases - and you never know ... had we not had these - Carter may have slept in our bed until he was 14 ... so thanks for making that not happen).

Tomorrow Chad will be putting his mind to getting rid of the squirrel that keeps trying to chew his way into our house. Last year I said, "No - don't harm the squirrel, it's so cute and fluffy." This year I said, "Do what you must - and tell me nothing." I'm hoping his squirrel ridding tactics do not involve anything that West Virginia residents would use.

In other news, Carter had his first trip to my former workplace today. The poor little guy made a massive poopie when we pulled in the parking lot ... leaving me to clean it in the car - which i guess upset him greatly. So he cried his way through his entire visit. I feel his pain - I never actually pooped myself there - but the place was full of shit for sure and I often wanted to cry about it.

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