Monday, October 13, 2008

Ode to mornings with a 2 month old

This morning went something like this:

4 AM – Up to Feed Carter (this now lasts until about 5 – since he has to sit up for 30 minutes after eating – due to his acid reflux)
5 AM – 5:30 – He goes back to sleep and I get stuck watching some random show about Queen Elizabeth
6AM – He pees the bed (yes, the one that I am also in – while watching my queen Elizabeth show) and then he wakes up screaming because he’s wet. So I clean him and feed him a little to help calm him down
6:30 – 8AM – he wants to play and smile and hang out
8:45 AM – he gets sleepy and falls asleep – so I lay down for a nap
9:00 AM – Chad’s awake
9:30 AM – Carter poops himself in an explosive episode of poo squishing through diaper leg holes, out the back of the diaper, up the front of the diaper, etc
9:45 – 10:30 AM - Carter and I watch some tv while calming him down from his explosive-poo and then have a bottle (and another 30 minutes of sitting up to help his reflux)
10:30 AM - ANOTHER explosive poo. This time it’s all over the bed, Carter, me, my woobie, EVERYTHING
10:35 AM – I bath him and attempt to put on a new diaper and new outfit – and he pees all over himself and his new clothes (after his bath)

10:45 AM– I officially give up the idea that I may have time to do anything today. I start the coffee maker.

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