Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Happy Birthday Grandpa!

Monday, October 27, 2008

12 Weeks Old Today

Carter, sometimes mommy gets artsy with pictures. You'll get used to it (or you'll get used to humoring me - like daddy does).

Friday, October 24, 2008

Worst Parents of the Year

Two qualifying factors from this week have made Chad and I contenders for the worst parents of the year award:

Factor number one – I let Carter sleep for two hours in a urine soaked sleep sack (waking him up to change his diaper is like unleashing a creature from the 7th ring of hell – you’re much better off letting him wake up on his own and then taking care of the urine aftermath later). You have to wait until he’s fully awake to change him though– and there are three stages to Carter waking up:
1.) grunting
2.) rolling back and forth furiously
3.) rubbing his face into anything and everything

Once these stages are done – he’s awake and ready for a change.

Feel free to judge me.

Factor number two – we dropped Carter off at grandma’s house TWICE this week. Yes, twice. Having one night out on Tuesday night was like having a dose of the babysitting gateway drug. Once you have a baby sitter one night – you’re hooked…and it becomes a shameful addiction that you can’t get rid of.

We went out on Tuesday night and had dinner and drinks with Dave and Vanessa. Dave will be happy to read that I didn’t refer to him as “Gramps Dave” in this posting. After dinner, we picked up Carter (who was apparently an angel for grandma) and brought him to Dave and Vanessa’s house to shamelessly flaunt how stinking cute he is.

This is when IT happened. Dave fed Carter. Next step – A DIAPER CHANGE. You can run Dave – but you can’t hide from the poo monster. He will trap you in his web of poo one of these days.

Carter was all smiles for Vanessa - one look and he was capt. smiley pants. I think he has a crush.

Monday, October 20, 2008

We stared at each other tonight

Now that Carter goes to bed at night (well, at baby night … which is about 7:30-ish) Chad and I are not entirely sure what to do with ourselves. We can watch tv, or read, or be a happy married couple. But really - we end up wondering if Carter is ok and then find excuses to run upstairs and check on him.

His new bedtime routine seems to be working out really well. Although, since he thrives on routine, any little thing that throws him off his routine may as well be a major Carter catastrophe. If we don’t get his bath ready right when he’s tired, then all hell breaks loose and his head spins around while his eyes turn red (or, he just cries a lot).

His favorite book is now Hugville. It’s very cute and creative and we liked it until we read it for every bedtime and every nap (including when he would wake up randomly throughout the night). I now have it memorized. Thankfully, Michael was willing to read it to Carter for us on Saturday.

Master of his Universe

Carter has learned that he, in fact, controls his legs. I'm not sure who he thought controlled them before. But now, not only do his hands amaze him but his legs do too. He hasn't quite discovered his feet - they're too far away. But stomping his feet, making running motions and putting a tiny bit of pressure on his legs are all daily activities now.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Proof that daddy's "foot down" plan worked:

Here is Carter sleeping in his crib - which he does now (at least until 4 or 5 am ... when he pitches a fit until we give up and let him sleep in the bed). Further proof that when Chad puts his mind to something - he really makes it work.

The Potterybarn soft sheets and baby quilted sleep sack help a ton too (special thanks to Wang for the Potterybarn giftcard. We may still not be sleeping at night if it were not for these Potterybarn kids purchases - and you never know ... had we not had these - Carter may have slept in our bed until he was 14 ... so thanks for making that not happen).

Tomorrow Chad will be putting his mind to getting rid of the squirrel that keeps trying to chew his way into our house. Last year I said, "No - don't harm the squirrel, it's so cute and fluffy." This year I said, "Do what you must - and tell me nothing." I'm hoping his squirrel ridding tactics do not involve anything that West Virginia residents would use.

In other news, Carter had his first trip to my former workplace today. The poor little guy made a massive poopie when we pulled in the parking lot ... leaving me to clean it in the car - which i guess upset him greatly. So he cried his way through his entire visit. I feel his pain - I never actually pooped myself there - but the place was full of shit for sure and I often wanted to cry about it.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Daddy Puts His Foot Down

Well, Chad has finally decided that Carter needs to sleep in his crib for more than just an afternoon nap. We had tried just about every tactic to get him to sleep in his crib at night ... but finally this week Chad said, "he's going to sleep in his crib as of this week."

So, I guess all Carter needed was a deadline. Who knew?

A few things other things have helped too:

1.) I tucked a warm fuzzy blanket into the crib so that he had someplace soft for his head. Special thanks to Uncle Tom and Aunt Gretty for the super soft blanket!

2.) We have also started putting him in a "sleep sack" at night. Which is essentially a blanket that zips up around his pj's. Or, a baby moomoo. Or, the "holy shit this thing is warm - why didn't we think of this before" blanket.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


He had no idea what these things were - but he still tried to get the stems into his mouth.

Monday, October 13, 2008

Ode to mornings with a 2 month old

This morning went something like this:

4 AM – Up to Feed Carter (this now lasts until about 5 – since he has to sit up for 30 minutes after eating – due to his acid reflux)
5 AM – 5:30 – He goes back to sleep and I get stuck watching some random show about Queen Elizabeth
6AM – He pees the bed (yes, the one that I am also in – while watching my queen Elizabeth show) and then he wakes up screaming because he’s wet. So I clean him and feed him a little to help calm him down
6:30 – 8AM – he wants to play and smile and hang out
8:45 AM – he gets sleepy and falls asleep – so I lay down for a nap
9:00 AM – Chad’s awake
9:30 AM – Carter poops himself in an explosive episode of poo squishing through diaper leg holes, out the back of the diaper, up the front of the diaper, etc
9:45 – 10:30 AM - Carter and I watch some tv while calming him down from his explosive-poo and then have a bottle (and another 30 minutes of sitting up to help his reflux)
10:30 AM - ANOTHER explosive poo. This time it’s all over the bed, Carter, me, my woobie, EVERYTHING
10:35 AM – I bath him and attempt to put on a new diaper and new outfit – and he pees all over himself and his new clothes (after his bath)

10:45 AM– I officially give up the idea that I may have time to do anything today. I start the coffee maker.

Sunday, October 12, 2008

Just some random pictures

I swear I didn't stage this picture - everyone was just like this.

He puts his hand in his pants - sigh

No comment

Friday, October 10, 2008

Hand-In-Mouth Syndrome

Carter has decided that his goal in his baby life is to cram his entire hand into his little mouth.

So, day and night - he attempts this. I'll wake up to him making noise - and find him trying to cram his fist in his mouth again. Why this is so entertaining - i don't know. But it was funny enough for me to photograph (which is worse, that he finds it entertaining enough to do over and over - or that i find it entertaining enough to photograph over and over?).

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Tummy Time

Carter is starting to learn to hold his head up during tummy time. And he is increasingly frustrated that when he moves his legs ... his body doesn't move forward.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


Cousin Hali came to visit this weekend and little Carter was in love. Who wouldn't be ... how hot is she?! Mommy is in love too. Hali loves furniture designers, always has new bobby brown makeup and perfume, and is just fabulous in general. I may attach myself to her leg. Would that be creepy?

We went shopping at some vintage stores and Hali found this prize of a hat. We also found an original Eames chair ... for only $200.00. I wanted to lick it ... but that WOULD for sure be creepy.

Saturday, October 4, 2008

Baby Koala

We have learned that Carter's favorite position for sleeping and calming down in general is on the front of people - on their chest. He's like a little koala. Here he is taking a little koala nap on uncle Michael.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Bath time

Well, bathtime is suppose to be one of the nightly bedtime inducing factors. So far - it's just a fun slashy time. We'll see what happens in the future. We enjoy bathtime though - Carter is priceless in his baby tub.

After the bath - he gets all comfy in his PJ's and paci - and we read to him. One of these days this will make him sleepy.