Tuesday, January 8, 2008

HG = Hungry Girl? No - No it does not.

Well, baby Gottschalk officially hates me. I have a condition called HG (Hyperemesis gravidarum - which basically is translated into "Severe pregnancy sickness"). I guess modern science couldn't just call it the "this sucks" condition?

So - while almost 80% of pregnant women get morning sickness...only 1% of preggos get this lovely HG mess. I feel so special.

Today i had my first IV to help treat it (well, more to help me get some fluids before the baby starts to eat me from the inside). And i also had my first run-in with the world's worst IV giver. This woman literally forgot to put a cap on the iv needle. I kid you not. My blood was squirting like a water fountain all over.

I'm just angry that i have to spend the next 6 months sick, and i'm angry for my blood stained pants. I really liked them.

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