Thursday, December 20, 2007

Christmas Time - Is here again...

Yup - that's my husband ... in his "Ugly Sweater" - a holiday tradition.

We're hoping people won't see how ugly the fireplace is if we mask it with ... stuff.


I finally have images from our trip to Charlotte to see Gretchen.

Gretchen and chad doing the thumbs up (read: chad) dance.

Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Back From Charlotte

Well, our trip to see Gretchen was fun (minus a minor run in with her ex - who knew?). We're back now - and in full house reno mode (probably a side effect from seeing Gretchens newly built beautiful townhome - that doesn't have leaky faucets, 100 year old windows, etc).

So today a plumber came over and quoted us to fix our entire bathroom - which we're doing...gulp. And tomorrow we have an HVAC expert coming over to find out how Brutus keeps getting into the ventilation system.

Did i mention that he keeps getting in the ventilation system (Brutus - not the HVAC guy)? Yea - we found him running through the vents between floors one day. Which, part of me wanted to send him through again to clean them out - but the other part of me completely freaked out that he would fall into the furnace and die (this part took over and then called Regina and her husband crying about the cat being missing).
So, needless to say - our Cirque De Solei kitty will be put to an end this week - as will the bathrooms leaky-ness.

Todays pictures come from Halloween (yea yea..i'm slow).