Sunday, November 25, 2007

Day After the Reunion...

To sum up yesterday evening:

We went to a friends house, drank. Hung out, drank. Went to the reunion, drank.

In total, it wasn't too bad..from what i remember. Chad was able to see some people he hadn't seen in a while, i was able to calm down the dates of his friends when "the exes" showed up and we both ate our bodies weight in sliders. Yes - i said it...sliders. Those nasty mini burgers that are typicaly served at White Castle...or in double wides.

At the end of the night - Chad was happy and i was all is well that ends well.

Although today was another story. I haven't felt this awful in awhile. Here is a picture of what i did...for pretty much most of the day.

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Tradley said...

Okay, so Layla is only allowed on the couch when Uncle Michael is there???